Sunday, July 5, 2009

On the Border: Ugh!

On the Border (I-635 and MacArthur) was terrible, and here’s why...
The Waitress was slow, the food was stuck to the plate, there was green stuff on my fork, the chips were stale and looked like they were cooked yesterday, and there were small drinks.
It looked like they worked harder on making the place look good then making the food taste good. It was a disaster!
What we ordered was fajitas. What we got, muck stuck on a plate. It was so gross! My dad ordered enchiladas. They had almost no taste! But he ate it anyway.
Baby James got the best thing on the menu…Nothing. He is so lucky.
We promised each other that we would NEVER go to On the Border again. Instead, we are going to Mi Cocina…. DUH what were we thinking?!?!

1 comment:

  1. What happened to Casa Navarro? I thought you were going there? Good job, KK. Keep them coming.Muck stuck on a plate is a good description.
    Uncle Nancy